Tuesday, January 3, 2012

John K Cirriculum - Toy Drawing - Assignment 1

First stab at toy drawing, much harder than I thought... but much more rewarding than I imagined! Lots of fun, even though it shows that I've got a long way to go. One or two of these were pretty good... the rest are all kinda off, especially the full body drawings. I'm also having a damn difficult time getting the hat and ears right; will have to work on that some more.


decently satisfied with this one. Hat's funny, eyes are kinda wonky. Body all off.

These high & low angles are damn hard. Better than I imagined they'd be while I was drawing them though.

comparing the images, it looks like I somehow drew all of Top Cat at about a 5 degree difference in angle, which seems impossible at first because he was off a photo rather than a toy infront of me. BUT!!!, this means that I'm starting to visualize these as volume rather than just boundaries and lines, because I screwed up at the beginning and my mind compensated to fox the drawing, thus all of it being 'off' yet still mechanically sound.

Or that's my explanation anyway. :p

I keep giving top cat too long or too fat of a neck.

although the angle on this one is wrong as well, I really like it. Seems really solid to me... except for that damn hat. Will certainly come back and do some more toy studies!!!

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