Monday, January 16, 2012


ok, so I admit I haven't been posting lately. But I've still been doing the work! I'm onto assignment 5... had some more delays, and I wasn't satisfied with assignment 4 the first time through so I re-did it.

Classes start this week, and I've got the best schedule that I've ever heard of (12 credits: three for a required class, an independent film history class, a storyboarding for animation class and my own animation independent study all stuffed into Monday and Tuesday), so I'll have LOTS of free time for independent study and more John K studies.

Can't wait. This semesters gonna be great.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

John K Ciriculum - Preston Blair - Assignment 3

So, assignment 3 was to correct assignments 1 & 2... which I figured was easier to just start from the beginning and redo it all. And that was mostly successful. Only one or two characters were worse off second time around than the first. The others however are much much stronger drawings, which is REALLY FRICK'N EXCITING. If you'd have told me I'd have improved this much in just five days, I'd have actually followed through with this program three years ago when I first came across it! Oh well, better late than never.

I'm satisfied with most of these for now; I'm thinking moving on to assignment 4 for a bit, then re-do Top Cat and hopefully move on to advanced toy (Jinxie I believe). Maybe back ot these then and see how I've improved. Maybe I'll make some of these into my control group drawings to track my improvement over time :p

Assignment 3: (note: as of 01/04/12 @2am only assignment 1 is finished. Give me some more time, willya!)


Red/Pink/Blue characters are mine, Green are Preston Blair.

really nailed those eggs this time around, thanks to working with the top cat toy yesterday. Not quite perfect with the volume on all of them, but a vast improvement from day one! They still feel like crappy anime characters though where the features can just slide around because there's no structure to them... but I guess that's part of the challenge.

started getting a little tired by now, and towards the end I just wanted to finish the sheet, so the crows got rushed and I messed up the cranium sizes.

finally, had some fun drawing Sloppy Moe from one of my favorite cartoons, Wagon Heels. I drew some others, and they were solid, but not right proportions. So I'll leave just this one up. (A week ago, I wouldn't have imagined I'd be able to break Moe down and get him so accurate. He's a beautiful nightmare of a character).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Semester's Animation Final

oh yea, here's my final from character animation this past semester. It's inspired by Charlie Chaplin's "Easy Street". Pretty basic as far as animation goes though.

I'm so ready to shake off the staleness of my current styles. I wish we were taught how to time our animations better... oh well, I'll learn it myself.

John K Cirriculum - Toy Drawing - Assignment 1

First stab at toy drawing, much harder than I thought... but much more rewarding than I imagined! Lots of fun, even though it shows that I've got a long way to go. One or two of these were pretty good... the rest are all kinda off, especially the full body drawings. I'm also having a damn difficult time getting the hat and ears right; will have to work on that some more.


decently satisfied with this one. Hat's funny, eyes are kinda wonky. Body all off.

These high & low angles are damn hard. Better than I imagined they'd be while I was drawing them though.

comparing the images, it looks like I somehow drew all of Top Cat at about a 5 degree difference in angle, which seems impossible at first because he was off a photo rather than a toy infront of me. BUT!!!, this means that I'm starting to visualize these as volume rather than just boundaries and lines, because I screwed up at the beginning and my mind compensated to fox the drawing, thus all of it being 'off' yet still mechanically sound.

Or that's my explanation anyway. :p

I keep giving top cat too long or too fat of a neck.

although the angle on this one is wrong as well, I really like it. Seems really solid to me... except for that damn hat. Will certainly come back and do some more toy studies!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

John K Ciriculum - Preston Blair - Assignment 2

So, I've realized that while drawing meathead I'm making his cranium too small, and his jowls too big. The small cranium also aids in making the eyes smaller, which throws the whole character off and greatly lessens the appeal. I also have a difficult time judging length of extremities... specifically ears. Will have to work on this.


Red/Pink/Blue characters are mine, Green are Preston Blair.

John K Ciriculum - Preston Blair - Assignment 1

Definitely got better from the beginning of the assignment towards the end, which is really exciting. Will probably come back in a day or two and do some cleanup work on all of these (technically assignment 3). Can't wait to keep kicking ass, and looking forward to incorporating my new skills into this semester at school!


Red/Pink/Blue characters are mine, Green are Preston Blair.

I'm pretty satisifed with how most of these turned out. Meathead is still giving me a bit of trouble, which is ok: I've yet to tire of drawing him, so no problem coming back to him! I especially like drawing the wolf, and I'm happy with the mouse & fox!

Some of the rabbits are looking decent, bot not the right volumes. Negative spacing is wrong, especially around cheeks.

these just suck. And I really don't want to touch the eggs anymore.