Monday, January 2, 2012

John K Ciriculum - Preston Blair - Assignment 1

Definitely got better from the beginning of the assignment towards the end, which is really exciting. Will probably come back in a day or two and do some cleanup work on all of these (technically assignment 3). Can't wait to keep kicking ass, and looking forward to incorporating my new skills into this semester at school!


Red/Pink/Blue characters are mine, Green are Preston Blair.

I'm pretty satisifed with how most of these turned out. Meathead is still giving me a bit of trouble, which is ok: I've yet to tire of drawing him, so no problem coming back to him! I especially like drawing the wolf, and I'm happy with the mouse & fox!

Some of the rabbits are looking decent, bot not the right volumes. Negative spacing is wrong, especially around cheeks.

these just suck. And I really don't want to touch the eggs anymore.

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