Thursday, January 5, 2012

John K Ciriculum - Preston Blair - Assignment 3

So, assignment 3 was to correct assignments 1 & 2... which I figured was easier to just start from the beginning and redo it all. And that was mostly successful. Only one or two characters were worse off second time around than the first. The others however are much much stronger drawings, which is REALLY FRICK'N EXCITING. If you'd have told me I'd have improved this much in just five days, I'd have actually followed through with this program three years ago when I first came across it! Oh well, better late than never.

I'm satisfied with most of these for now; I'm thinking moving on to assignment 4 for a bit, then re-do Top Cat and hopefully move on to advanced toy (Jinxie I believe). Maybe back ot these then and see how I've improved. Maybe I'll make some of these into my control group drawings to track my improvement over time :p

Assignment 3: (note: as of 01/04/12 @2am only assignment 1 is finished. Give me some more time, willya!)


Red/Pink/Blue characters are mine, Green are Preston Blair.

really nailed those eggs this time around, thanks to working with the top cat toy yesterday. Not quite perfect with the volume on all of them, but a vast improvement from day one! They still feel like crappy anime characters though where the features can just slide around because there's no structure to them... but I guess that's part of the challenge.

started getting a little tired by now, and towards the end I just wanted to finish the sheet, so the crows got rushed and I messed up the cranium sizes.

finally, had some fun drawing Sloppy Moe from one of my favorite cartoons, Wagon Heels. I drew some others, and they were solid, but not right proportions. So I'll leave just this one up. (A week ago, I wouldn't have imagined I'd be able to break Moe down and get him so accurate. He's a beautiful nightmare of a character).

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  1. Hey, i like your studies. I too am trying to wrap my head round the Preston Blair studies, his most simple studies seem to be the most difficult to do.

    I think you need to get the main forms a lot more solid and look more carefully at how eyes fit into the larger forms. Otherwise good work, hope to see more :)